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Amy Einhorn/Putnam

*New York Times Bestseller for over 3 years

*translated into 40 languages; sold over 10 million copies

*feature film

"At turns hilarious and heart-wrenching...[A] pitch-perfect rendering. Readers are hooked." - Associated Press

"[Stockett's] pitch-perfect depiction of a country's gradual path toward integration will pull readers into a compelling story that doubles as a portrait of a country struggling with racial issues." - USA Today

*New York Times bestseller

“Harrowing . . . Lilac illuminates.”—People

“A compelling, page-turning narrative . . . Lilac Girls falls squarely into the groundbreaking category of fiction that re-examines history from a fresh, female point of view. It’s smart, thoughtful and also just an old-fashioned good read.”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“[A] compelling first novel . . . This is a page-turner demonstrating the tests and triumphs civilians faced during war, complemented by Kelly’s vivid depiction of history and excellent characters.”—Publishers Weekly

“Feldman is a tremendously endearing writer. . . . His willingness to pose the big questions to the whirlwind makes for unusually thoughtful reading.”
— Ron Charles, The Washington Post

“Equal parts funny and searingly beautiful....”
— New York Daily News

“Feldman’s engaging novel offers sublime levity to balance the gravity of his characters’ various struggles, and Adam’s and Marissa’s tales interweave effortlessly.” - Booklist

“This compact, well-crafted novel asks the age-old question—how do you get from where you are to where you want to be?—but does so with indelible protagonists and a vision firmly anchored in the reality that surrounds them....Highly recommended.” - Library Journal

"There is intrigue and romance combined with history and mystery set in a real time and place--colonial Cuba during the U.S. Civil War. The end result is a page-turning excursion through dangers and delights that will both entertain and enlighten.”—Jim Lehrer, journalist and novelist

"In the gripping book, Abbott tells the moving and fascinating story of four women who played unconventional roles during the Civil War... a remarkable story of passion, strength, and resilience." - Publishers Weekly

“Abbott's innovation is to link the four stories in a continuous narrative, toggling among the women to move chronologically through the war. Not for nothing has Abbott, the bestselling author of ‘Sin in the Second City,’ been called a ‘pioneer of sizzle history.’ Here she creates a gripping page-turner that moves at a breathtaking clip through the dramatic events of the Civil War.” – The LA Times

“During the Civil War, women may have officially been relegated to the home front (and denied the vote), but this didn’t stop them from fighting the war on their own terms…. You’ll find adventure and intrigue galore here.” -The Boston Globe

*"A wonderful new voice in literary rural fiction" - Australian Women's Weekly

*"This sweeping epic set in rural NSW is about love, family and testing our mettle – and it’s compulsively readable. Just the thing for those lazy summer days" - Marie Claire

"Stars Over Clear Lake is an absorbing love story full of nostalgia, heartbreak, and secrets long buried―whether to protect others or simply for survival. Highlighting the lesser-known history of POWs in America during World War II, Ellsworth's tale serves as a timely reminder of the humanity that connects us, regardless of borders or circumstance, to even those labeled 'the enemy.' A memorable, highly transporting novel." ― Kristina McMorris, New York Times bestselling author

"A timeless story of love and loss in the wartime American heartland." - Linda Lael Miller, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Missing, Presumed is the best [crime novel] I’ve read in a very long time. It has everything one could ask, and more: it’s stylish, witty and compelling; has an infuriating yet likable lead detective; and is also terribly good at skewering contemporary class anxieties and manners” – The Guardian

“Where Steiner excels is in the depth and clarity with which she depicts her characters. Manon is ...something of a misanthrope. But she’s also funny and clever, and interesting. I defy you not to fall for her” - Thriller of the Month, The Observer

“[Steiner] gets inside the minds and lives of her book’s socially disparate personalities with the grace of a novelist of manners, even as she pulls tight the strands of one of the most ambitious police procedurals of the year” - Wall Street Journal

“Smart and stylish…Manon is portrayed with an irresistible blend of sympathy and snark” - New York Times

St. Martin's, 2013
"After five charming relationship-themed hits, Emily Giffin had a lot to live up to with WHERE WE BELONG. Luckily, the author executes with a thoughtful finesse that makes this easily her best work yet." — The Boston Globe

“In another surefire hit, [Giffin] serves up pathos, humor, and one doozy of a twist.” — Entertainment Weekly

“Book clubs will have a field day with this one. Thorny mother-daughter relationships and secrets we keep from loved ones burn up the pages.” — USA Today

"Emily Giffin ranks as a grand master. Over the course of five best-selling novels, she has traversed the slippery slopes of true love, lost love, marriage, motherhood, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption that have led her to be called 'a modern-day Jane Austen.'" — Chicago Sun-Times

"Giffin's latest will make you shed a few tears – and call your mom."
— Ladies Home Journal

She Writes Press, 2015
*Wall Street Journal bestseller

“The Outskirts of Hope is a yesteryear tale (1967) that could not be more pertinent and helpful to the racially complex and perturbed time we are living in now.”
— Norman Lear

“A powerful personal perspective of a tumultuous time in America, seen through the eyes of a mother and her daughter navigating family and societal currents in the midst of the civil rights movement. White and Jewish from Boston, the family is transplanted into the segregated Deep South of the 1960s, trying to make a difference in people’s lives. Although their new world is fraught with fear and anxiety, their strength of character and dedication to being allies rather than bystanders results in their participation in history.” — Barry Curtiss-Lusher, National Chairman of the Anti-Defamation League

Faber & Faber, 2013
“Journalist Susie Steiner's debut novel is a powerful, visceral portrait of the ties that bind, and those that break…. a truly exceptional study of human flaws and frailties.”
– The Observer

“’Who will inherit the farm?' is the big question at the heart of this warm and engaging first novel, set in Yorkshire. The farming details are beautifully deployed, to show a family renewing itself as much as the land it lives on.” – The Times of London

“The story is very much rooted in the complex relationships in the Hartle family. By the time we come full circle at the end of the farming year, you feel you're part of the Hartle family, warts and all.” – The Daily Express

“Steiner’s realism [is] equally attuned to grim human avarice and warm humour.” – The Financial Times

Amazon Publishing, 2013
“Wall Street banker Laura Hemphill took her seven years laboring in the world of finance and spun them into a work of fiction that pulls back the door on life of the privileged elite.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Finally, a juicy Wall Street novel about a woman who's breaking up the boys' club." – Glamour Magazine, naming “Buying In” one of its picks for December, 2013

"I read Buying In in one sitting. It sucks you into an adrenaline vortex, obliterating everything but the deal. Work swallows family, friends, and scruples. A gripping and thought-provoking read." – Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”

Winner 2015 Independent Publisher Book Award, “IPPY,” Gold Medal for Regional Fiction

* CBS News “48 HOURS” investigation features “Finding Fernanda,” January 18, 2014

*Winner 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award, “IPPY,” Gold Medal for Current Affairs

"Reads like a mystery novel, but the facts it reveals are hauntingly true… Siegal does a fantastic job of breaking down a complicated story… a gripping read.”
— The Christian Science Monitor

“A moving story… really tugs at your heartstrings.” — CBS Radio News

“Heavy-duty investigative reporting and compelling personal testimony…. Some of the details of the dark side of the industry in Guatemala are Dickensian in their cruelty. But the tone of the book is, perhaps surprisingly, not despairing…. Finding Fernanda can also be read as a call to action.” — The Miami Herald

by Robin Lloyd (Sheridan House, October, 2013)
*Lloyd is an Emmy-award-winning former correspondent for NBC News and documentary filmmaker

“Robin Lloyd is a great reporter, and he has shaped meticulous research into a rollicking story of the sea and the tall ships that sailed the North Atlantic in the 1800s. Amazingly, he hadn't planned to write a novel when he began reading about his ancestor, Elisha Ely Morgan—who knew everyone of his day, from Charles Dickens to Queen Victoria. We can be glad that the more [Lloyd] read, the more he realized he had the makings of a fine story.” -Bob Schieffer, Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News

Rowman & Littlefield, 2013
“In this endearing and personal book, attorney and entrepreneur Lindner details his experiences volunteering in hospice with colorful storytelling, practical advice, and encouragement for those coming to terms with the end of life …. and he does so eloquently, providing insight and inspiration to those who read along.” - Publishers Weekly

“I started Hospice Voices and read it straight through. I was deeply moved by the extraordinary people I met in the book.” - Will Schwalbe, author of the New York Times bestseller, “The End of Your Life Book Club”

“An uplifting, paradoxically laughter-filled celebration of what would seem to be a time of anything but laughter.” - Mature Times

“I love this book! It’s a brilliant story … well-told.” - John Toal, BBC Radio

“Fun and funny, spiked with tragedy and sad times.” -USA Today

“A funny, poignant first novel about the bonds between women.” -Houston Chronicle

“Amazingly vivid . . . This novel breezes merrily along, but don’t read it without a hankie. This is a winner for fans of Garrison Keillor and Danielle Steel.” -Library Journal

"...humorous and engaging dialogue punctuates this nostalgic story of rural America, in which the complexity of smalltown human relationships brings depth to the murder-mystery plot that ensues." – Publisher’s Weekly

“… a beautiful view of the Great Depression and America at home during World War II; a finely honed character study of a town and its inhabitants, good and bad; and a classic tale of orchestrated retribution.” – Library Journal

Bridge Works Publishing

A business memoir by Stephen H. Greer

“For Stephen Greer, Hong Kong proved to be the right place for his restless spirit and untapped entrepreneurial energies." – The Wall Street Journal

"Segal's exceptional debut suggests that fame wanted or not takes its toll no matter how it is acquired…. With razor-sharp insight and adroit imagery, Segal masterfully builds layers of tension by methodically exposing her tragically flawed characters' true motives." –Publisher’s Weekly

"The characters in Segal's haunting, beautifully written first novel are fully realized, vibrant, and believable." – Library Journal

"Displays a sharp and original wit.... The Prince of West End Avenue emerges as a paradoxical tale of how to make peace with an unbearable past and the sin of pride." -New York Times

"Rich and complex... supremely original." -Los Angeles Times

"In this well-crafted historical novel, one of the great veterans of reportage on Asia takes us back to the drama and excitement of China in the 1940s. It is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the genesis of the Chinese Communist Revolution." -Orville Schell

*New York Times notable book of 1994

-"... a remarkable achievement. Kristina McGrath has set out to write a novel that tells us things we need to know about marriage and childhood, love and regret, memory and pain, and she has succeeded." - New York Times

-"This is a book that takes chances.... the writing is full of a kind of quiet dazzle." - LA Times

“This provocative morality play is a scathing indictment of the military justice system and the cover-your-rear attitude of the U.S. Navy. Lane’s absorbing narrative is a call to action.” –Publishers Weekly

"A working-out of the clash between duty and individual conscience. Rather like 'The Caine Mutiny.'" -Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

“A fast and compelling read” -Dame Beryl Bainbridge

“A novel affair. Brilliant. I could not put it down.” -Max Clifford, Surrey Life

“I devoured it in just 2 nights: literally unputdownable.” -Sally Farmiloe, Hotgossip

"Glitter and gutter... lovelorn,
war-torn. A compelling read." – Simon Cowell

“A novel of remarkable panache. Huxley's skillful handling of the narrative turns this story of obsession and betrayal into something infinitely more complex and threatening.” -Dame Beryl Bainbridge

Selected Books Edited

by Kathryn Stockett - bestseller
by Martha Hall Kelly - bestseller
by Emily Giffin - bestseller
by Alan Isler - National Jewish Book Award winner