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Bad Haircut

by Tom Perrotta

The first book by an author whose subsequent work has included 'Election,' 'Little Children' and 'The Abstinence Teacher.' Brought to Bridge Works by Alexandra Shelley.

"It takes a sharp eye and a light touch, not to mention a fine memory for embarrassment (this book is set in the early 1980's, and at one point Danny dances a la John Travolta), to take on the back-to-school genre as knowingly as Mr. Perrotta has. His earlier ''Election'' (a novel several shades less caustic than Alexander Payne's film version) dipped effortlessly into the cauldron of high school political scheming. And his first and still best book, the unassumingly brilliant 1994 short story collection ''Bad Haircut,'' managed to invest offhanded coming-of-age tales with surprisingly deep resonance." -Janet Maslin, New York Times review of "Joe College"